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June Product Update: new asset properties and controls, triggers and smarter logic

June 28, 2024

Hello marketing enthusiast,

And Welcome to Aryel’s June product update, where we unveil new features designed to enhance your campaigns creation and creative prowess. This month we bring enhanced asset options and management, smarter logic and brand new triggers. Let’s dive in. 

Integrated Else Logic for Smarter Interactions

Building on our existing if condition logic, we’ve now integrated the else condition to ensure that your campaigns can respond dynamically to user interactions. This allows for alternative actions when initial conditions aren’t met, improving the flow and interaction quality of your AR scenes.

New Trigger Event: Variable Change

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows actions to be triggered by changes in variables. This means activities like increasing a score, changing a scene, or initiating sound can now be automated based on user interactions, such as hitting a target within the AR experience.

Enhanced Text Asset Properties

Our text assets have received a significant upgrade:

  • Adjustable line spacing for better readability.
  • Customizable background colors to  match your brand aesthetics.
  • Border customization options, including color and thickness.
  • Rounded corners for a sleeker look.
  • Padding adjustments for custom text placement.

Simplified Asset Management

You can now select multiple assets from the Asset List (using CMD/CTRL+click or SHIFT+click) and from the workspace (using SHIFT+click). 

This means you can manipulate multiple assets at once, whether you’re adjusting scale, rotation or position.

Distributing Assets in 360 Campaigns

We’ve simplified the distribution of assets in 360-degree campaigns, ensuring that each element is placed evenly around the user. This enhances the immersive experience by maintaining a coherent environment from every angle.

We look forward to seeing your creativity in action with our latest features.

As always, your input and feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Aryel.

Best regards, 

Aryel team